“Everywhere people are raving about these amazing Scientifically Proven Uncovered Secrets”
‘Dear Fellow Reader…’

If you could image how would you feel, if you or a loved one could be cured from a life threatening disease or illness, and not just that, but in 90 days?

“ Diseases are caused by cell behaviour...so if you can manipulate the behaviour of a cell, you can cure a disease...I will explain how this is done”.

Now I know what you might be thinking and saying to yourself, “This is not possible” “Well it is, it’s just that, it has been hidden from you. I will reveal to you the hidden secrets and facts that the world governments and doctors do not want you to know. Some of these facts have been successfully proven in a court of law, by top world renowned scientists.

I will tell you the cause, prevention and how to reverse more than 37 diseases...

  • Skin Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Alzheimer Disease and Dementia
  • Birth Defects
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • MS
  • Vitiligo

Some Of The Greatest Discoveries Uncovered

After 19 years of study and research, I was amazed to have found many health remedies that have been proven to cure diseases... What has been hidden from the public for centuries.

I will tell you that a particular mineral has been proven in the court of…law to reduce lung cancer by 39%, prostate cancer by 69%, colon cancer by 64%...liver cancer by 35% and breast cancer by 82%. Also that once consumed on a daily basis you will also prevent yourself from getting cancer…

But now these discoveries are being exposed to you, to claim back your ownership over your health. To have a better quality of life.

I will tell you of, one of the world’s most powerful plant that cures all cancers…

I will tell you of, one of the world’s most powerful plant that can reverse all cancers...

This is the forecast from Cancer Research UK…and published in the British Journal of Cancer.

The pharmaceutical industry have lost the war against cancer.

We’re seeing more patients than ever before and the numbers are increasing year on year.

This can be avoided and the risks reduced totally…if you follow some simple steps.

Famous people Have used it Such As…

Former president of America George Washington used it. Fashion designer Calvin Klein used it, so too did Henry Ford.

They all knew of the powerful benefits of this plant. They knew that it would change lives forever. George Washington demanded that we civilians grew it.

It has been used for over 10,000 years. So natural with no side effects. It is the best known colon cleanser there is.

It cures skin cancer in 3-7 days once applied to the skin.

The Plant That Governments, Pharmaceutical and Fashion Industries Fear the most.

This plant is so powerful that it could put the pharmaceutical industries out of business.

Research has shown that tumours have been destroyed by this amazing plant… Yet it is so cheap and accessible… but that might change in the future.

The governments are trying so hard to restrict this plant’s accessibility to the general public. Over the years it has been reduced by the farmers worldwide.

It has been proven that once you consume this plant on a daily basis, you will never get cancer Again.

Why Some Athletes Die Young

As a former boxer, I would always pick up injuries and be run down. There has been thousands cases of sudden death to healthy athletes. One of the main causes is heart disease.

Why certain athletes seem to always get injuries, such as broken bones or muscle strains.

I will explain to you the factual reason for this and the prevention. Your doctor and fitness guru wouldn’t have told you and it’s so Simple.

Once you understand this, the risk of getting heart disease will be reduced. You will stop getting injured all the time, as what we call “injury prone”.

Zero Side Effects

Did you know that chemotherapy treatment has a 2% survival success rate after 5 years? With a lot of side effects. Whereas the scientifically proven advice that I will give you, has a 98% survival success rate… With zero side effects.

No loss of your hair. No loss of appetite. No sickness. No nausea feeling. No mood swings. No swelling of the feet, hands or face. No paralysis. No headaches. I could go on…

These side effects are brought on by the pharmaceutical drugs toxic nature… that the body does not know how to deal with.

They then destroy the good and bad cells in the body.

A Pain-Free Life

Are you riddled with pain in your muscles and joints? Like me after the many years of boxing and long distance road runs, wearing inadequate footwear. I started to feel a lot of pain in my joints.

My left knee used to swell up making it difficult to bend. It used to pain me a lot especially in the winter and my wrists used to ache and feel stiff.

Now after many years of pain… I don’t have any pain or swelling in my wrists or my left knee. All because of what I now take, a complete healing.

I will tell you how you too can reverse your Arthritis and Osteoporosis for good.

How to reverse Your Alzheimer’s And Dementia

I will show you how to avoid getting Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Also I will tell you how be reverse your Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Your doctor does not understand what causes it. But I will prove to you the full facts of the cause. Alzheimer’s disease did not exist 50 years ago…this is a Fact

Once you know the facts, you will then stop the cause and cure the symptom.

It is so simple once you know how.

You Deserve to be Cured From Disease And Illness

Everybody wants to be healthy and to live a life of happiness. But you have been lied to by the medical industry, by the media, who are paid by the medical industry.

You have been led on the most wide and dangerous path to sickness and disease.

The pharmaceutical industry are failing us…with not one cure being found for a chronic disease. It is costing world governments billions per year, with a cure around the corner they say.

Yet heart disease, cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer and dementia and thousands more diseases on the rise.

But with the knowledge and facts that I will give you, you will reverse your disease and live a healthy life.

Top Scientist have Proven that Cancers Can be Cured Naturally

I will show you scientific facts and quotes from some of the world’s top scientists. That have proven with hundreds of thousands of studies.

That every disease can be reversed Naturally

I will tell you what many of them are, which cannot be found by just internet browsing.

My research has come from over 19 years of scientific data and contacting top natural doctors and scientists.

The majority of the Chinese and Japanese people do not rely on pharmaceutical drugs, in fact you will hardly see any pharmacies in these countries.

What Your Doctors Won’t Tell You

Remember this… doctors and pharmaceutical companies get paid by you being sick.

If there was no sickness, doctors and these pharmaceutical companies would be out of business.

So to protect their interest why should they want to cure you? Did you know that legally a doctor does not have to give you the cure if they had one?

As long as a patient does not die on their practice floors, they cannot be prosecuted.

I will reveal to you many more truths that the doctors Won’t tell you.

Given Months to Live? Once you Do what I have to Tell You, You will Prove Your Doctor Wrong.

Once I had a digestion problem… I could not properly digest my food. So my doctor gave me medication to take, 3 times a day. This just made it worse… the pain in my stomach was so bad.

But then discovering a natural cure for my problem…and cured the problem within 2 days.

I told my doctor, the next day and he didn’t know what to say.

I have given advice too and helped many people prove their doctors wrong…and live healthy lives for the rest of their lives.

The 3 Most Important Steps to Stay Healthy

Life is really, very simple, but we humans make life very complicated.

There are 3 very important steps that we all need to take…to live a disease free life. I Must Stress that this is like the foundation building block to staying healthy.

If we forget to focus on these 3 things, we will become ill.

Type 2 Diabetes

As it stands over 460 million people worldwide have diabetes… and many more walking around with it unknowingly.

Researchers are predicting that this figure will rise to double in the next 15 years.

I will explain to you the reason why and the cause.

Diabetes can be reversed by consuming just 2 important trace minerals and changing your diet.

I will tell you what these 2 trace minerals are. Also what foods to avoid.


What causes psychological distress? Why are so many teenagers committing suicide?

Psychiatrists claim that over 1 billion people of the world’s population are mentally ill.

Over 100 million people are taking psychiatric drugs…and over 21 million of those are school children.

What are these drugs, do they work and are they safe?

Many of these questions I will answer and tell you. I will also tell you that in 2 months you can be healed from depression…and not having to depend on these psychiatric drugs ever again. With No side-effects.

Pregnancy and Birth Defects

Every type of birth defects and disease in a new-born baby can be avoided. Such as Cystic Fibrosis, Down syndrome, autism, cleft palate and more…

To avoid having a miscarriage or an unhealthy baby, there are certain things…that you need to do, 3 months before you wanting to conceive.

By doing what I tell you will reduce the risk of having a miscarriage…and a birth defect by 98%.


Infertility is a problem that is quite simple to understand.

For men and women who are infertile, this can easily be reversed in 3 months.

Impotence can also be cured. I will explain to you what to do.

The 12 Bad Foods to Avoid

Our diet is one of the main causes of disease. But there are certain foods we should always avoid.

Many of these which causes many type of cancers and other diseases.

I will give you a list of some of the most deadly ingredients to avoid. One of them which is used as a car antifreeze…

There are many of these which are still on the market, that we consume every day.

Foods banned In Europe, But Not in The U.S.A

I wonder why? You may ask. Many of these are known to contain carcinogens (which is basically cancerous).

Many of these increase the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancer…

Some of these can cause birth defects, organ and intestinal damage…

We do why the U.S.A still allow these foods on the market, because of…Money.

They are all very cheap to produce. I will tell you what these banned foods are and be shocked!!

Obesity is on the Rise

More and more people across the world are becoming obese. Diets just do not work long-term. Exercise will not make you lose weight! I will explain to you why.

The number of obese or overweight people is roughly 2.1 billion. Over 42 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese.

Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths…

What is the cause and cure?

I will tell you how you can lose weight fast, naturally and to feel completely full...

Reduce Your Health Insurance by 80%

If you live in a country that doesn’t provide national healthcare, going private can be…expensive.

And for the poorer community, without private healthcare insurance, you are on your own.

Every type of medication for you and your family has to be paid for by…you.

So that makes the young and elderly vulnerable and increases their risk of death.

The information I will give you, will reduce your health insurance by 80% and in…fact you won’t need expensive health insurance and expensive treatment to get well.

Fact-Finding evidence for the cure of cancer from a Noble prize Winner

I must reveal to you who this noble prize winner was, who change the face of medicine.

Who was a threat to the pharmaceutical industry with his discovery.

He proved that this discovery worked on thousands of his patients.

But the government tried to destroy his research.

Why is there only 1 billionaire in the world today to live past 100 years old?

Reported today 2016, there are 1,810 billionaires in the world… with an aggregate net worth of $6.5 trillion.

Yet there has only been 1 who has reached past 100 years old.

Surely this cannot be genetic, as the only justification doctors use…when they basically have no idea…of the cause for a disease.

With all the wealth these individuals have…surely they should live longer, Right?

Well I will explain to you…the reason why their average age of life expectancy is 75.

So who am I?

My name is Shaun Lawson. I used to be a semi-professional boxer in the early 90’s. Competing at a very high level for about 12 years. In that time I used to get injured a lot…and picking up many colds. Some of my training partners were also getting injured a lot. I would feel very tired too. So I began to embark on a journey to find out the cause of my injuries.

19 years on, I became a Naturopathic researcher… one who understands and… stimulates the healing power of the body’s built-in self-healing mechanisms and treat the underlining…cause with natural remedies such as herbs and dietary supplements.

I was amazed and shocked at what I discovered. So I started to try and heal myself from my injuries and it worked. Then I had a digestive problem that my doctor could not solve. Then I found out what the problem was and solved that problem.

With my knowledge I would then offer advice to friends and family members with different disease. One individual I helped was a friend’s wife who had brain cancer…he came and talked to me about it…then I gave him some advice on what his wife could do and what not to do…to be completely healed…and she is still alive today completely healed 15 years on.

How is this information compiled?

This information is compiled with over 19 years of scientific evidence from some of the… world’s top scientists, doctors and researchers. Winning some of the most prestigious awards with their discoveries. Winning lawsuits in court, to protect their discoveries.

This factual information you will not be able to find on the internet…and besides where would you start…and there is so much junk out there.

This data information that I will give you and the way it is written…has Never been produced before.

It comes as an A4 Manual…with 40 chapters/topics on many different diseases. Explaining to you the Cause, Prevention and Cure.

Everybody wants the truth and now you can have it… a Complete Guide.

Ok, this is all very interesting but why are you willing to share All this information with me?

Well everybody has the right to know the truth and to be healthy. I have seen and witnessed so many people suffer and die…because of a lack of knowledge, because of a misdiagnosis from their trusted doctor. Because of no health insurance…because of a lack of belief in themselves and the will to carry on.

But we should carry on… the journey of life is like a game, but we just need to know the rules and how to play the Game of life. Once you know the rules and how to play it, life becomes that much easier. We sometimes make life so complicated. Don’t get me wrong…I am not against doctors, because they do have their place and a role to play… like trauma cases or infections.

But we should not hand our lives over to them…or put them on some kind of pedestal. Remember they (doctors) only focus on giving you a pharmaceutical drug that can…kill you or give you severe side effects. The reason for this, is that they only focus on Disease Management that’s where the money is. For example the drug Hydrochlorothiazide…which is for people with hypertension has 82 serious side effects…two of those are type 2 diabetes and kidney failure…and they prescribe it.

But what I will show you has zero side effects and a 98% success rate. I can guarantee that…once you apply the 3 most important steps. It really is so simple. Knowledge is King!

Once you read this manual from start to finish…you will be armed with more knowledge and understanding how…your body functions and how to stay healthy…and how to reverse your disease than you doctor does. How incredible is that.

How is this book different than any other book? And why should I buy it?

Firstly the Title of this book is called ‘Pharmakon’…which is a large manual, consisting of 40 chapters…and more than 37 topics...on some of the Greatest Discoveries Uncovered for… the cause, prevention and cure for different types of diseases. Normally a book just covering 1 topic usually retails between £10-20.

Everything that is written in this manual…has been proven time and time again…in the Court of Law…and hundreds and thousands of studies, by many of the world’s top scientists. Many parts of this information in this manual…has never been disclosed to the general public before… but now it’s available to you.

This is unlike anything else you may have come across…this is very different.

It has a 98% success rate… on every disease discussed in this manual once you follow the 3 most important steps. No side effects and the interesting part in 90 days!!

If you live in a country where you pay for health insurance…this will be reduced by 80%

If you have been suffering for years of illness… and your medication doesn’t seem to work…then why not try something different what have you got to lose…it will cost you very little.

You will also receive a free newsletter for 6 months and my private blog. The average price for a monthly newsletter would be £20 per month. The total value for this would be £490.00 at the lowest average price.

But this is available Now!! At a special price....for a limited time only of £34.99

Why such a reduced price? Because I want to make this affordable to everyone.

Yes this INCLUDES EVERYTHING I’ve mentioned:

A 40 Chapter Manual – Covering more than 37 different/topics diseases the cause, prevention and the cure…average retail price for a 1 topic book between £10-20.

A Free Newsletter for 6 Months – I have added a newsletter each month for six months…because I want to keep you up-to-date with the latest information…new lawsuits cases being won…and anymore discoveries not available to the general public…valued at £120.00

My Private Blog – I believe that this is very important…because it will allow for us to encourage one another on your road to recovery…to discuss about different topics. To form a community of Cure-o-tons…for individuals to share their testimonies and ultimately spread this message to the world.

Private Email Address – Those that want to continue to receive a monthly newsletter after the 6 months… would be able to, at a discount cost of £5 per month…they then would receive my private email address…allowing you to personally contact me at any time around the world.

An Added Bonus - I will also give you a contact list of some of the world’s best holistic practitioners.

Now on Special Offer For a limited Time Only £34.99

Can I just re-emphasize that… this is “The Complete Guide to be Cured from Cancer and other Diseases in 90 days with these great Secrets”.

“People from around the world are raving about these…amazing Scientifically Proven Uncovered Secrets”.

Revealing to you the hidden secrets and facts that the world governments, doctors and the…pharmaceutical industries do not want you to know. Some of these facts have been proven in a court of law… by top world renowned scientists.

Telling you the Cause, Prevention and the Cure…for more than 37 diseases and illnesses such as: - skin cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer disease and dementia, birth defects, depression, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, MS, Vitiligo and many more…

The forecast from Cancer Research UK…is that 1 in 3 people across the world would develop cancer at some point in their lives…But this can be reduced.

I will tell you of a certain mineral which has been legally proven…to reduce lung cancer by 39%, prostate cancer by 69%, colon cancer by 64%, liver cancer by 35%, and breast cancer by 82%...that once consumed on a daily basis of 200mcg will also prevent yourself from getting cancer.

There is a plant that is so powerful and cheap…that researchers have shown that tumours have been destroyed in weeks by eating this plant. It actually makes the cancerous cells to commit suicide…while protecting the good healthy cells. The government are trying so hard to restrict this plants accessibility to the general public. So this is a must buy for All cancer suffers.

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Well Its Over To You…

As I said at the beginning, this is a complete manual based on the…Cause, Cure and Prevention of over 37 diseases and illnesses…and telling you the 3 Most Important Steps. Top scientists have proven that Diseases can be cured naturally.

A manual which will help you to understand the biological mechanism of many diseases. Once you understand this…you will know how to fight your disease and illness…Without the use of pharmaceuticals drugs and No side effects. Guaranteed!!

So with this thought in mind, it’s time for you to now complete the Online Order Form. The most important thing, is knowing the TRUTH about your disease and being cured from it…which has being hidden from the public.

You have my warmest regards

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